Quiz - In a restaurant

Słownictwo związane z restauracją

Study the vocabulary and complete the conversation.

Part 1: bring, booked, here, under.

  • Guest: Good evening. We have a table for tonight.
  • Waiter: Good evening. what name?
  • Guest: Kowalski.
  • Waiter: Please, Follow me.
  • That’s your table. I’ll the menu.
  • you are.


Part 2: have, glass, order, anything

  • Waiter: Are you ready to ?
  • Guest: Yes, we are. I’ll chicken curry, please.
  • Waiter: Ok, sir.
  • Guest: Could I have it in a soup-plate?
  • Waiter: Certainly. Would you like to drink?
  • Guest: A of coke, please.


Part 3: happen, sorry, cold, heat

  • Guest: Excuse me, but there is a fly in my soup.
  • Waiter: I’m so about that. I’ll bring a new plate.
  • Guest: … and my wife’s soup is
  • Waiter: Oh, dear. I’ll ask the chef to it for her.
  • Guest: Thank you.
  • Waiter: I promise it won’t again.


Part 4: change, accept, cash, credit card, pay

  • Guest: We would like to
  • Waiter: Was the food ok?
  • Guest: Yes, thank you. Delicious.
  • Waiter: That’s great. How would you like to pay? In cash or by ?
  • Guest: Do you VIZAs?
  • Waiter: Sorry, but we don’t.
  • Guest: I’ll pay in then.
  •     Here you are.
  •     Keep the
  • Waiter: Thank you. Bye.