Price is the amount of money for which some certain product of service is sold. There are a number of expressions with ‘price’:

Czyli wszystko co związane jest ze słowem "cena" - price

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English Polish
low-priced cheap (tani)
high-priced expensive (drogi)
list price retail price suggested by the manufacturer (cena katalogowa)
mid-price the price is moderate (w średniej cenie)
price boom a good time for sellers as prices are going up quickly (boom cenowy)
price cut when the price is reduced (obniżka ceny)
price hike increase in price (podwyżka)
price leader a company that is first to increase or reduce prices (lider cenowy)
price tag label attached to goods with a price on it (metka z ceną)
price war competitors reduce prices in response to one another (wojna cenowa)
pricing policy procedure used by companies to set their wholesale and retail prices
retail price price charged to customers in a shop
wholesale price price for goods which are sold in great quantities