bottle a bottle of soda
bag a bag of potatoes
bottle a bottle of wine
box a box of cereal
box a box of cereal
can a can of beans
can a can of soup
carton a carton of juice
carton a carton of eggs
container a container of yogurt
cup a cup of coffee
glass a glass of water
jar a jar of honey
jar a jar of jam
jug a jug of milk
loaf a loaf of bread
package a package of cookies
packet a packet of biscuits
piece a piece of cake
roll a roll of paper towels
six-pack a six-pack of soda
slice a slice of pizza
tub a tub of ice
tube a tube of toothpaste


Units of Measurement

We use grams and kilograms to talk about solid items. You will see grams and kilograms used on food packaging.

One kilogram of sugar.

Half a kilo of apples.

500 grams of sugar.

'Kilo' is a short form of 'kilogram'. It is often used in speech, but not in writing.

1000g = 1kg

If you are talking about 1000 grams or more, use kilograms instead.


Millilitres (mL) and Litres (L)

We use millilitres and litres to talk about liquids. You will see millilitres and litres used on drink packaging.

One litre of water.

Half a litre of milk.

250ml of juice.

It is common to say 'mills' as the short form of millilitres. This is only used in speech, not writing.

1000mL = 1L

If you are talking about 1000 millilitres or more, use litres instead.