English for Tourism and Hotel Industry

Apartment – a flat, usually located in a block of flats, in cities. May have few bedrooms, a kitchen and a bathroom. You rent it directly from an owner.

Apartment hotel – these are offered to long-stay visitors of cities. Rooms or suites, each with private bathroom and kitchen. Limited hotel services, but flexibility and space are advantages.

Bed and Breakfast / B&B – see Guest house.

Boutique hotel – extremely fashionable, modern hotels situated in interesting building, e.g. old prisons, distilleries. Excellent service, high prices.

Chalet – these can be found in the countryside; a small, wooden house in mountain areas, or a house built in such style. Usually with a fireplace, a small kitchen and a terrace. Magnificent views guaranteed.

Commercial hotel / transit hotel – designed for the use of businesspeople. Soundproof conference rooms, fully equipped rooms, i.e. Wi-Fi, telephone line, tea/coffee station.

Guest house / Bed and Breakfast / B&B – a private house offering accommodation and home-made breakfast for visitors. Very popular, because they are located in small towns which don’t have big hotels and because of prices.

slownictwo do pracy w hotelu

Hostel / Youth hostel – cheap accommodation for those who don’t mind sleeping in large dormitories in bunk beds. Good and cheap breakfast, vending machines and casual atmosphere.

Hotel garni – great deal if you need a room and... that’s it. Hotels garni, in cities, provide guests with a room, but services are reduced to an absolute minimum – no bars, restaurants, laundry services.

Luxury hotel – ideal for those who like to spend as much as thousands on a stay. Anything you wish will be right there the way you like. A butler will take care of you 24/7.

Motel – situated on motorways or carriageways, offers a choice of rooms, also family rooms. All day restaurant or bar. Secure, ample car park is the thing most drivers look for.

Tourist hotel – basic, often 2-star hotels which are included in most package holidays. Doubles or triples with rollaways or sofa beds. Usually close to tourist attractions.

Transit hotel – see Commercial hotel.

Villa – whole house is at your disposal. Many bedrooms, large kitchen, garage, garden, sometimes even a swimming pool is provided.

Youth hostel – see Hostel.

Fiszki - turystyka




adjoining rooms - two

adjoining rooms - two hotel rooms with a door in the centre
amenities - local facilities such as stores and restaurants
attractions - things for tourists to see and do
baggage - bags and suitcases packed with personal belongings
Bed and Breakfast - a home that offers a place to stay and a place to eat
bellboy - a staff member who helps guests with their luggage
book - arrange to stay in a hotel
booked - full, no vacancies
brochures - small booklets that provide information on the local sites and attractions
check - in - go to the front desk to receive keys
check - out - return the keys and pay for the bill
complimentary breakfast - free of charge
cot, rollaway bed - a single bed on wheels that folds up
damage charge - money a guest owes for repairs to hotel property (when caused by violent or careless acts)
deposit - amount paid ahead of time to secure a reservation
double bed - a bed large enough for two people
floor - a level of the building
front desk, reception - the place where guests go to check in and out and to get information
guest - a person that is staying at the hotel
hostel - a very inexpensive place for backbackers and travelers on a budget
hotel manager - person in charge at the hotel housekeeping, maid noun staff members that clean the rooms and linen
ice machine - a machine that automatically makes ice that guests can use to keep drinks cold
indoor pool - place for guests to swim inside the hotel
inn - another word for hotel
Jacuzzi, hot tub, whirl pool - a small hot pool for relaxation
king - size bed
- extra large bed
kitchenette - a small fridge and cooking area
late charge - a fee for staying past the check
- out time
linen - sheets, blankets, pillow cases
lobby - large open area at the front of the hotel
luggage cart - a device on wheels that guests can push their luggage on
maximum capacity - the most amount of people allowed
motels - accommodations that are slightly cheaper than hotels
parking pass - a piece of paper that guests display in the car window while in the hotel parking lot
pay-per-view movie - extra charge for movies and special television features
pillow case - the covering that goes over a pillow
queen size bed - bed with plenty of space for two people (bigger than a double)
rate - cost of renting a room for a certain time period
reservation - a request to save a specific room for a future date
room service - delivery of food or other services requested by guests
sauna - a hot room for relaxation, filled with steam
single bed - a bed for one person
sofa bed, pull - out couch - a bed built into a sofa or couch
towels - used to cover and dry the body after swimming or bathing
valet - staff that parks the guests' vehicles
vending machine - a machine that distributes snacks and beverages when you insert coins
view - a window that offers a nice image for guests
wake up call - a morning phone call from the front desk, acts as an alarm clock
weight room, workout room, gym - a room that guests can use for exercise and fitness