Człowiek - Face (twarz)

A human head has hair covering its top, rear and upper sides. It has two ears.  The front of the head is called a face.  A face consists of a forehead, two eyebrows at the bottom of the forehead, and two eyes, one under each eyebrow.  Beginning between the eyes and extending downward is a nose.  The nose has two openings at the bottom called nostrils.  On either side of the nose are your cheeks.  Below the nose are the lips.  The lips guard an opening called a mouth.  Inside the mouth are top and bottom teeth which grow out of the gums.  Growing from the bottom center of the mouth is a tongue.  Under the mouth is the front part of your lower jaw called a chin.  


Features and parts of the face - Części twarzy po angielsku

twarz po angielsku
I dla trochę bardziej zaawansowanych:

  • bone structure - the shape of your face as it is formed by the bones underneath
  • brow - the part of your face above your eyes, an eyebrow
  • cheek - the soft part on each side of your face below your eyes
  • chin - the centre of the bottom part of your face, below your mouth and above your neck
  • complexion - the appearance of the skin on someone’s face, and whether it is pale, dark, smooth etc
  • crease - a line on someone’s skin, especially on the face
  • crow’s feet - wrinkles in the skin at the corners of your eyes
  • dimple - a small area on your cheek, chin etc that goes inwards. Dimples are often considered attractive.
  • eye - one of the two body parts in your face that you use for seeing
  • eye socket - one of the two parts of your face that your eyes fit into
  • facial - on your face
  • forehead - the upper part of your face between your eyes and your hair
  • furrow - a deep line in the skin of someone’s face, especially their forehead
  • hairline - the line at the top of your forehead where your hair begins
  • jaw - the lower part of your face that includes your chin and your bottom teeth
  • jawbone - the bone that supports the lower part of your face and moves so that you can open and close your mouth
  • jowl - the lower part of your cheek, especially if the skin hangs down and covers your jaw
  • laughter lines - wrinkles at the sides of your eyes
  • mouth - the part of your face below your nose that you use to eat and speak. The corners of your mouth are the two outside ends of it, and the inside top part of your mouth is called the roof
  • nose - the part of your face above your mouth that you use for smelling and breathing. The two holes in your nose are called nostrils
  • profile - the shape of someone’s face when you look at them from the side. A face that is seen in profile is seen from the side
  • side - someone’s good or best side is the side of their face that they think looks more attractive
  • strawberry mark - a small red lump that some people have from birth, especially on their face or head
  • thread vein - a  very small red line on your face where the skin is damaged
  • bags under your eyes - loose dark areas of skin below your eyes that you get, for example, when you have not had enough sleep



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