Buying and selling online

E-commerce is very popular nowadays. People buy and sell many goods via Internet because it is more comfortable and usually cheaper.

When you want to buy something in an online shop you usually add items to your shopping cart and pay by your credit card.

In an online commerce there are:

  • B2C commerce (business-to-consumer) – that is selling products to the public
  • B2B commerce (business-to-business) – when companies order products from suppliers over the Internet
  • B2G commerce (business-to-government) – when businesses (companies etc.) communicate with government departments, e.g. pay taxes over the Internet


Basic words and expressions:

  • Internet service provider (ISP) – dostawca Internetu
  • to open an account – otworzyć konto
  • to register – zarejestrować się
  • to log on – zalogować się
  • to log off – wylogować się
  • a password – hasło
  • a search engine – wyszukiwarka
  • web page – strona internetowa
  • web site – witryna internetowa (serwis internetowy)
  • web address – adres strony internetowej
  • hyperlink – hiperłącze
  • bricks-and-mortar – a company that operates in traditional ways only, and does not operate on the Internet
  • clicks-and-mortar – a company which sells its products both in the traditional way and on the Internet




Fiszki - Buying and selling online