My favourite books

Ulubione książki - artykuł po angielsku

Jakie są twoje ulubione książki i dlaczego wybrałeś akurat te? W dzisiejszym artykule zastanowimy się jakie książki lubimy i dlaczego. Oczywiście trudniejsze słowa są wyjaśnione na końcu artykułu.

I mostly read books which are closely connected with my lifestyle. For as long as I can remember I've been interested in psychology, healthy dieting and fitness regime. I've been lucky to come across many superb books which scope cover those topics at length and in detail. I could read my favorite ones 24/7 and I would not get enough.

There are a number of reasons why I value these books so much. First of all they were written by many well known people but not only doctors and psychologists. Secondly, topics covered in them are understood with ease by readers not connected with medical or psychological professions. Moreover, the authors give many useful tips how we can handle our lives, both from physical and psychological viewpoints, however the reader does not feel the need as if it could be the only way to follow. On the contrary, it is often emphasized that we can find myriad of methods for a period of time and find out which suit us the best. Many of the books often raise a need in us to look for remedies for our problems within ourselves. By trial and error.

The books I value the most are: "Everything you've always wanted to know about energy but were too weak to ask'' by Naura Hayden, "Spontaneous Healing'' by Andrew Weil, M. D. and "Your Erroneous Zones" by dr. Wayne Dyer. Surprising as it may seem, the author of the firs book which was the "The New York Times" bestseller is an actress who was a Broadway star years back not a practicing therapist or doctor. She does not believe that myriads of arcane quackeries are needed to change us into energy-bursting volcanoes. On the contrary, the author is a staunch believer in the harmony between our bodies, minds and emotions which can be quite easily obtained. This book is a must especially for women as Naura handles many emotional and physical problems we come across every day. Her book is based on many works of celebrities from medical and psychological professions as well as on her own experiences connected with health, dieting, vitamins, fitness, personal life and work. Another book I value a lot is "Spontaneous Healing". It is dr. Weil's 6th book. He is a graduate of Harvard Medical School, has worked for the National Institute of Mental Health. Currently he practices natural and preventive medicine at the University of Arizona in Tucson. The author deliberately titled his book "Spontaneous Healing". He wants to call the reader's attention to the innate nature of healing process. the book is divided into three parts. The first one describes healing system and presents evidences for its operation including its interactions with the mind. This section includes stories of people the author has known, who recovered from illnesses in spite of predictions of doctors who saw no possibility of recovery. Part two of the book gives us tips how to modify our lifestyle to increase our healing potentials. It emphasizes that we ought to be more attentive to our bodies needs connected with: proper food, vitamins, and other supplements which can help us to maintain our well being. the third part gives advices on managing illnesses. It analyses the strength and weaknesses on conventional and alternative treatments and identifies a number of strategies used by successful patients. Irrespective of what our firs impression might be, dr. Weil's aim is not to convince us that conventional medicine should be treated disparagingly. It is well dinned into our minds in every part of this book that we should combine all the possible ways, either conventional or nonconventional to cure our health in the broadest sense. My favorite books dealing with psychology "Your Erroneous Zones" by dr. Wayne Dyer. The author is a practicing therapist and counselor, a coast-to- coast celebrity His book was the nationally famous no.1 bestseller in the United States selected by four major book clubs. Dr. Wayne believes that mental health shouldn't be treated in a flip manner, neither does he support the notion that is must be a humorless enterprise, filled with arcane jargon. He tries to avoid intricate explanations largely because he doesn't believe that" being happy" is a complex affair. Each chapter of the book is written as a counseling session. This approach is aimed at providing as much opportunity for self-help as possible. They consist of: exploration of the difficulty and where it surfaces, a look at the self defeating behavior, insight into the reason of the behavior and concrete strategies for eliminating the troublesome area. This book engrosses us in a pleasurable journey through our mind and emotions. It is teemed with easy to follow tips how to make the most of our abilities. Dr. Weyne cover a variety of weighty topics such as self esteem, love in its broadest sense. As far as human nature is concerned, dr. Wayne doubts weather something like this exists. The therapist is convinced that that the phrase itself was designed to pigeonhole people to create excuses for their weaknesses. Often it is much more convenient to put the blame on the nature for the failures rather than do our best to change it. I'm convinced that in the aftermath of reading this book many people will find it much easier to change the stereotypical, often erroneous way of thinking, at least I did.

All in all, to my mind those books are worth reading as they present simple methods to improve our lives. However the authors emphasizes that if we are looking for magical methods and mixtures which are to prevent us from getting old, guarantee longevity, eternal beauty and success, we should look somewhere else. Their aim is to raise confidence in the powers hidden in our bodies and minds.

favourite - ulubiony [British English]
favorite - ulubiony [American English]
at length and in detail - dogłębnie
myriad of - duża ilość
by trail and error - metodą prób i błędów
arcane/intricate - zawiłe, skomplikowane, (zwrot występuje również w formie rzeczownikowej)
quackery(ies) - znachorstwo
energy-bursting - tryskający energią
staunch- wierny, oddany
a must - konieczność
celebrity - deliberately - celowo
call attention to - zwrócić uwagę na ....
innate - wrodzone
be attentive to - zwracać baczną uwagę na...
irrespective of.... - w przeciwieństwie do...
to treat sth disparagingly/ to treat sth in a flip manner - traktować coś po macoszemu
to din sth into sb's mind - "wbić" komuś do głowy
deal with - obejmować tematyką
notion - przeświadczenie
insight into - wgląd w ...
to engrosse into sth - zagłębić się/ oddać się (jakiejś czynności)
teemed with - "naszpikowany", wypełniony
weighty - ważny
pigeonhole - zaszufladkować
aftermath - następstwa
longevity - długowieczność

Artykuł po angielsku - jakie są twoje ulubione książki