Natural Language Learning Without a Teacher!

Natural Language Learning Without a Teacher! - ebook autorstwa Davida Snopka na temat nauki języków obcych.

Fragment ebooka:

There are lots of ways to learn vocabulary: flashcards, word lists, computer programs
(ex. Rosetta Stone). But in your native language, you learned almost all the
vocabulary you know from context. That is, from encountering the words while
reading or listening to others.
Why should we learn differently when studying a foreign language?
Learning a new word in context gives you additional clues to help remember it.
You can associate it with the situation you were in or the emotion you felt when
you learned it. This is particularly effective when:
• You learn a word from a song. Songs tend to stick in our minds better than
any other type of language.
• You learn a word in an embarrassing situation. I’ve used quite a few
words incorrectly when speaking with Poles and a few situations were quite
embarrassing! But I will never forget what I learned in those situations