Fifty-One Tales by Lord Dunsany - audiobooks

Short stories by Lord Dunsany, the classic fantasy writer of the early 20th century. Weird, wise, funny, and sad by turns, no two tales are alike.

Part 1

Titles: Audio files
The Assignation 739 KB
Charon 1.31 MB
The Death of Pan 733 KB
The Sphinx of Gizeh 1.36 MB
The Hen 1.51 MB
Wind and Fog 959 KB
The Raft-Builders 1004 KB
The Workman 897 KB
The Guest 1.80 MB
Death and Odysseus 1014 KB
Death and the Orange 568 KB
The Prayer of the Flowers 885 KB
Time and the Tradesman 512 KB
The Little City 769 KB
The Unpasturable Fields 1021 KB
The Worm and the Angel 607 KB
The Songless Country 636 KB


Part 2

Titles: Audio files
The Latest Thing 1.04 MB
The Demagogue and the Demi-Monde 652 KB
The Giant Poppy 927 KB
Roses 603 KB
The Man with the Golden Ear-rings 1.18 MB
The Dream of King Karna-Vootra 1.60 MB
The Storm 1.15 MB
A Mistaken Identity 380 KB
True History of the Hare and the Tortoise 2.43 MB
Alone the Immortals 1.83 MB
A Moral Little Tale 1.68 MB
The Return of Song 666 KB
Spring in Town 1.96 MB
How the Enemy Came to Thlunrana 2.08 MB
A Losing Game 874 KB
Taking Up Piccadilly 686 KB
After the Fire 465 KB


Part 3

Titles Audio files
The City 773 KB
The Food of Death 443 KB
The Lonely Idol 1.18 MB
The Sphinx in Thebes (Massachusetts) 766 KB
The Reward 1.13 MB
The Trouble in Leafy Green Street 848 KB
The Mist 370 KB
Furrow-Maker 1.52 MB
Lobster Salad 1.50 MB
The Return of the Exiles 1.69 MB
Nature and Time 1.24 MB
The Song of the Blackbird 1.03 MB
The Messengers 2.45 MB
The Three Tall Sons 800 KB
Compromise 1.03 MB
What We Have Come To 226 KB
The Tomb of Pan 787 KB