Kiedy myślisz o wakacjach, co ci przychodzi do głowy? Jestem pewien, że to słońce, plaża, słyszysz fale, czujesz palący się piasek pod stopami, a twoje ciało skwierczy jak bekon na patelni. No właśnie, jak to jest? Artykuł po angielsku z tłumaczeniem trudniejszych słówek.

When you think of summer holidays, what comes to your mind? I’m sure it’s the sun, a beach, you can hear waves, feel scorching sand beneath your feet while your body sizzles like bacon in a frying pan.

As I suppose, you imagine tanned chicks and mates wearing swimsuits, occupied children playing beach volleyball, atrocious workaholics that can’t wait to be finally back at work and concerned bodybuilders measuring their body fat due to inconvenient and not necessarily proper diet during holidays. I can bet you haven’t even thought of a thing that should be held tight in your hand, a cooling glass of unidentified liquid with the unknown smell. Obviously, people usually focus on the totality – the cake instead of the cherry on the top. Let’s get rid of the cake and pull the fruity cherry ahead because that’s what counts. Yellow muscular man wearing checked goldish shorts... Everyone letches after this incredibly tough fabulous fellow having untidy haircut! Has Mr. Pineapple made your mouth water? Wait until you meet his black mate, I can see that you are having feet of clay already. Definitely enthralling, perfectly-tanned, bald and a bit chubby handsome-devil. Indeed, even more stunning, stands up there smiling with his perfectly white teeth. He looks like he was rolling in bushes for quite some time but that adds him irresistible charm. Bloody hell, that’s Mr. Coconut! Get carried away and smell the Hawaiian gust of wind, hug the sweet goldie and kiss the juicy brownie. They never refuse to be adored. Having these handsome fellows held in the palms of their hands, you may have a whack at flowing rum on them. If you succeed, you should stay as cool as a cucumber. Such mesmerising mixture is so tingling hot that we shall add some ice cubes right away.

This terrific anti-routine rescue team called pinacolada is the best company we can ever get on the beach, it’s within reach all the time. Pina-colada - it even sounds extremely delicious, doesn’t it? In the nature of things, the invaluable, seemingly small and tiny things in our life make it incredibly adventurous, exciting and comprehensive. That’s the bloody cherry on the top that we should focus on, more often than we actually do.


To sizzle - skwierczeć

Atrocious – okropny

Inconvenient - niedogodna

To letch after someone – uganiać się za kimś

To make someone’s mouth water – sprawić, że cieknie komuś ślinka

Feet of clay – nogi jak z waty

Enthralling - zniewalający

Irresistible – nieodparty

Gust of wind – podmuch wiatru

To hold someone in the palm of his/her hand – trzymać kogoś w garści

Have a whack at something – spróbować czegoś

Flow – lać (alkohol)

To be as cool as a cucumber – być opanowanym

Mesmerising – zachwycająca


Author: Katarzyna Konar

Na plaży - artykuł po angielsku ze słówkami