The Story of Romeo and Juliet - Part 4


Romeo and Juliet failed to obtain their parents’ permission to get married. They had nobody to turn to – no one took them seriously. Eventually they decided to join an oriental sect whose members begged in the streets of London. They left their homes without telling anybody about their plans.

Rome and Juliet did not realize what they were doing when they joined the sect. They put themselves into the worst of all possible prisons – they lost the ability to make their own decisions and became slaves of the sect leader.

Both families – the Browns and the Grays got together in an attempt to find out what happened to the children, to bring them back home. They forgot their animosity and discovered that they actually liked each other. They understood how wrong that had been to hate each other for such trivial reasons as different literary tastes. And they did everything they could to put their mistake right: they informed the police, they engaged a private detective, they offered a large award to anyone who could tell them where Romeo and Juliet were. All in vain. The two young people simply disappeared – as if they had died.

they failed to obtain – nie udało im się uzyskać
beg – żebrać
they had nobody to turn to – nie mieli do kogo się zwrócić
a sect whose members – sekta, której członkowie
put a mistake right – naprawić błąd
as if they had died – jakby umarli

1. Explain why Romeo and Juliet joined the sect.
2. Explain why Romeo and Juliet made a terrible mistake in joining the sect.
3. Describe what positive results their action had.