The Story of Romeo and Juliet - Part 3


Romeo told his parents he wanted to marry Juliet and Juliet told her parents she wanted to marry Romeo. For once Mr Donald Brown and Mr Ronald Gray were in full agreement – they said: “No!”

Mr Donald Brown said he would never grant his consent and he gave two reasons for this: Romeo was too young to get married and he, Donald Brown, was not going to have anything to do with Ronald Gray or anybody in any way related to him. Ronald Gray’s reaction to what Juliet said to him was very similar.

The two mothers fully shared the views of their husbands – the marriage was out of the question.

This was a blow to Rome and Juliet, for they simply couldn’t imagine life without each other. But they knew it was useless even to try to persuade their parents to change their minds.

for once – jeden raz
anybody in any way related to – ktokolwiek w jakikolwiek sposób spokrewniony z
blow – cios
persuade – przekonać

1. Describe the reactions of Mr Brown and Mr Gray to what they heard from Romeo and Juliet.
2. Describe the reactions of the mothers.
3. Describe the situation in which Romeo and Juliet found themselves.

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