The Story of Romeo and Juliet - Part 1


Romeo Brown is a boy of 17. His father, Donald Brown, is a writer. He writes novels whose literary value is controversial. Some critics like them while others say they are trash.

Donald Brown is extremely sensitive about the opinions of various critics. He likes those who praise his books and hates those who criticize them. There is one critic whom Mr Donald Brown simply cannot stand. His name is Ronald Gray and he is famous for his sharp tongue and vitriolic humour. It was Ronald Gray who called Donald Brown’s books the most ludicrous stuff ever printed in British history. No wonder that Donald Brown gets an allergic rash all over his body when he hears the name of Ronald Grey mentioned.

Ronald Grey reciprocates Donald Brown’s feelings because Donald Brown once called him a hopeless mediocrity. When he hears the writer’s name mentioned, he gets into a fit if neurotic coughing and cannot utter a word for ten minutes.
Ronald Gray has a very pretty daughter called Juliet. She is 16 and loves poetry. She knows half of William Shakespeare’s sonnets by heart.

novels whose value – powieści, których wartość
sharp tongue - ostry język
vitriolic – zjadliwy
reciprocate – odwzajemniać
hopeless mediocrity - beznadziejna miernota
get into a fit of – dostawać ataku
by heart – na pamięć

1. Describe Mr Donald Brown.
2. Describe Mr Ronald Gray.
3. Describe Romeo Brown and Julia Gray.

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Ohh.. It's so hard to me..

Ohh.. It's so hard to me..

Oh, this tekst is quite

Oh, this tekst is quite difficult. It very cool that some harder words are explanation