The Story of Hamlet Waverer - Part 3


Hamlet’s father is said to have been kidnapped by terrorists. But Hamlet is not sure about that. Why should they want to kidnap him? He has never been involved in politics. Hamlet is full of doubts. He doubts his uncle’s integrity. He doubts whether his mother really knows nothing about the kidnapping. He doubts the loyalty of the people around him with one exception though – he trusts his friend Horatio. He shares his doubts and suspicions with him.

There is a letter waiting for Hamlet on his desk. It is a message from the terrorists who have kidnapped his father. They demand a ransom: six tons of brown shoelaces should be delivered to a place in Scotland by 6 a.m. tomorrow.

Why should the terrorists want six tons of brown shoelaces? Why brown? Why not black? Hamlet suddenly remembers: brow is his uncle’s favourite colour. Everything is clear – Claudius is behind the kidnapping. He wants to take over the shoelace factory.


he is said to have been kidnapped – mówi się o nim, ze został uprowadzony
involved in – zaangażowany w doubt – wątpić w
integrity – prawość, uczciwość
demand a ranson – zażądać okupu why should they want – dlaczego mieliby chcieć take over – przejąć


1. Describe the situation at Hamlet's home.
2. Describe Hamlet's doubts.
3. Describe Hamlet's reasoning.