The Story of Hamlet Waverer - Part 2


Hamlet’s girlfriend, Ophelia, is a sweet girl with blond hair. She comes from a middle class family and is rather sentimental. Hamlet finds it rather difficult to talk to her about existentialism but he likes listening to her singing – she has a pleasant voice and always tries to imitate film stars. Although she knows very little about philosophy, Ophelia is very good at computing and typing. She went to an information technology college in London for two years. At present she is secretary to Hamlet’s uncle, Claudius. Hamlet is not sure whether he should marry Ophelia or not. He finds it difficult to make up his mind about it. If he marries her, they will probably have children; he will be fully involved in family life and will have little time for philosophy. He will certainly regret it if he gets married. But if he doesn’t, he will be sorry too, for Ophelia is a fantastic girl.
But what does Ophelia think about it? That is the question! How does she feel about marriage? No one knows about that. No one knows what she thinks.


he finds it difficult to – jest mu trudno
fully involved in – w pełni zaangażowany w
for Ophelia is – bowiem Ofelia jest
how does she feel about – jakie ona ma odczucia, jeżeli chodzi o


1. Describe Ophelia.
2. Describe Hamlet's dilemma concerning marriage.
3. Give reasons why Hamlet should or should not get married.