The Story of Hamlet Waverer - Part 1


Hamlet Waverer has just got back from Heilderberg, where he studied philosophy. He specialized in contemporary existentialism.

Now that he is back in England, he has to decide what he is going to do. He has to make up his mind whether he wants to follow his family tradition and become an industrialist in order to run the family-owned factory producing shoelaces, or whether he would rather take up teaching as his career. The decision is not easy because he finds both prospects rather boring. Besides, he has to face up to some complications at home. His father, Hamlet Waverer Senior, has been kidnapped by terrorist and his brother Claudius (i.e. Hamlet’s uncle) is now running the factory. He is not particularly popular with the employees and Hamlet is not sure whether he is the right person for the position. However, Claudius has the support of the Board of Directors.


he has just got back from – właśnie wrócił z
no that he is back in England – teraz, kiedy wrócił do Anglii
make up one's mind – zdecydować się, postanowić in order
to run the factory – po to, żeby prowadzić fabrykę
a factory producing – fabryka wytwarzająca
face up to – stanąć twarzą w twarz, oko w oko z
be popular with – być lubianym przez Board of Directors - zarząd (fabryki)


1. Describe Hamlet's Waverer's background.
2. Describe Hamlet Waverer's choices.
3. Describe Hamlet's Waverer's family situation.
4. Ćwiczenia ze słownictwa - fiszki, quiz