Loose beads - Part #6

I don’t like people who don’t appreciate their food. Who don’t care what they eat or who devour it thoughtlessly, no matter if it is mashed potatoes or grilled shrimps in coriander sauce. Or who think cooking is a waste of time or finally, those who are never willing to try new foods.

In kids it is totally acceptable. I read a theory which says that children instinctively choose simple tastes, especially sweet, because it is a guarantee that it is not poisonous. There must be some truth in it, as most poisons are either bitter or sour. This means, and I strongly believe in it, that to some tastes you must simply grow up. As a child I hated for example mayonnaise, herring (and all seafood, except for fried fish), soft-boiled eggs and I’m sure that I would have spit out caviar had someone given it to me then…Also, a psychologist I know told me that children like their food to have a clear shape, firm texture and preferably smooth edges. This explains why kids love chicken nuggets and French fries so much and, unfortunately, all McDonald’s food. And why they hate spinach – because in fact it usually looks as if it had already been eaten once (sorry!). This concerns all other kinds of mashed food, sauces and glop.

Now, the thing is that some people never grow out of these simple tastes which I personally believe proves their spiritual poverty. People who develop acquired tastes are much more courageous and curious of world. Of course you won’t like everything you try, but at least try! Refusing a dish just because you have never seen it before or because it looks weird is not a good enough reason for me. In the same way I can’t understand travelling to other countries and not trying their local food. Nothing else will tell you the people’s story in such a short time! This means not only depriving yourself of a great culinary experience, but also of a chance to learn about people’s tradition and history. I am sure there exist great people who eat pizza and sausages only but saying it bluntly… I am not really willing to meet them. Cooking is an art, a fusion of land’s gifts and people’s resourcefulness and creativity and I am sorry for those who cannot see it!