Complaint letter (list ze skargą)

Dear Sir/Madam

I want to express my strong dissatisfaction with a cassette-player I bought in your shop two weeks ago.

It was working well only for five days. Then the sound started to decrease and next suddenly increased without any reason. It has been happening more and more often. To make matters worse three days ago I couldn't openthe cassette-player's deck, and when I managed to do it, I noticed that the tape was taken out of the cassette and completely damaged. It was my favourite cassette. The same has happened today with my another favourite cassette.

I can't tolerate such a bad device for such great money.I demand a full refund I have paid for this applience and two new cassettes.

I hope to receive money very quickly or I will be forced to take some further action.

Yours faithfully XYZ

English Academy teacher


really nice but for me there

really nice but for me there should be more key words for complaint letter