Why are there so many car accidents?

Dlaczego w ostatnich latach liczba wypadków samochodowych wzrosła? Opowiadanie w języku angielskim.

In recent years the number of road accidents has increased. There are many reasons for it.

First of all, younger and younger people buy sports cars. They boast in front of their friends, especially girls, and do not obey the rules. They drive over the speed limit. It is particularly dangerous when drivers drive at high speed in town, because there are many blind corners and hairpin bends, and it is difficult to steer. People frequently do not pay attention to road signs at all. Notices, such as: 'No left turn', 'No overtaking' or 'Road narrows' seem to be invisible to them. They do U-turns in areas where it is banned, accelerate where they should slow down and drive at full speed. On many occasions drivers drink and drive. People do not realize that drinking even one bottle of strong beer is more than the legal amount. Drinking alcohol is very accident-prone and such people should lose their licence.

Moreover, the road conditions are of very poor quality. The road surface is frequently bumpy or slippery. There are also many potholes in it. Streets are excessively narrow; they do not have sufficient number of lanes. This is one of the reasons why the traffic occurs. A number of roads lack in signs that provide information about directions and distances.

Finally, the driving tests do not measure driving skills and the knowledge of the driving rules sufficiently. Organizations which teach people to drive take more care about parking, putting cars into reverse, doing U-turns, than about behaving on the road among dozens of cars. The emphasis is laid on theory, not practice. It happens that people pass their tests due to bribes. In Poland a great number of people decide to bribe because it is sometimes the only possibility to pass a test. All these facts make a number of accidents higher.


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Lista najtrudniejszych słówek wraz z tłumaczeniem:

reason - powód, przyczyna
boast - chwalić się
obey - przestrzegać
particularly - szczególnie
hairpin bend - zakręt o 180°
steer - (control direction of) kierować (czymś) [car]; sterować (czymś) [boat, ship]
no overtaking - "zakaz wyprzedzania"
u-turn - zawracanie
accident-prone - duże prawdopodobieństwo wypadku
surface - powierzchnia
slippery - śliska
pothole - (in road) wybój
bribe - łapówka
opowiadania po angielsku poziom b1  Why are there so many car accidents?