My dream

Last night I had a deeply distressing dream. I was coming through a forest and I lost my way. The weather was awful. It was dark and chilly. I was shivering with cold. After three hours of wandering around, I found some old and ruinous hut. I knocked at the door but nobody opened. I pressed the handle and noticed that the door was unlocked. I entered and sat in front of the fire.

Although I was a stranger I started looking for some water. When I found a small door I opened it and went into the cellar. It was very huge and damp. I heard some terrible noise similar to howling or growling. I found a torch and lighted it. I saw hundreds of cages with imprisoned animals. I came to the first cage and suddenly I thought, 'Oh, God, this beast is familiar to me'. In the next cage there was some big wolf with red eyes and sharp long teeth. His mouth was covered in blood. I knew it, too. I observed some other boxes and I was convinced I had seen those creatures before. Then I heard crying. I approached the source of the sound and I saw a girl. She had neither eyes nor ears. Her skin was burnt. She looked scary. I recollected that I knew those monsters from my nightmares. 'You will die', somebody murmured. I was so frightened that I hardly managed to turn back. I noticed an opened cage. There was a notice above it: 'The factory of nightmares. The last stage'. I started running away but a monstrous spider stood on my way. It approached and jumped at me. Then I felt that somebody or something was shaking my body. I opened my eyes and heard: 'Calm down, it was just a dream'.


Super !

Super !


I was scared. !!! This text is great. Who did wrote this text ?

very nice :)

kasiek61 This text is fine. I understand this so it is not dificult:) I learn a lot of new words when I read it. A plot is interesting, I am scared...:P  I like it:)