Matura - wydarzenie sportowe

Matura z angielskiego - opis wydarzenia

Opisz wydarzenie sportowe, które zapamiętałeś/aś ze względu na dobre przygotowanie oraz szczególną atmosferę.

For many people the Wimbledon Championships, just like cricket, 5 o'clock tea and the Oxford-Cambridge boat race, are a quintessentially English event, in which you participate not because you are a keen tennis fan, but because you want to sample the unique atmosphere of this occasion.

On arriving at Wimbledon tube station at the end of June, you may feel discouraged by the sight of the long queue stretching as far as the eye can see. However, it turns out that queuing is part of the whole event - people come prepared with books and magazines, they chat to each other in a friendly manner while vendors go up and down with drinks, newspapers and, of course, strawberries. The organization of queuing is quite impressive and soon you realize you are just a few steps from the ticket office.

Once inside, you are surrounded by the colours and sounds of Wimbledon - the pristine grass courts, world-class players in crisp white, the smooth tones of the umpires announcing the scores. Courts are clearly marked and having a standing ticket makes it possible to wander around and make the most of this experience. Though Centre Court is impressive, some people prefer the more intimate atmosphere of the smaller courts where you are able to see famous players close up.

The only disappointment for me was the unbelievable price of the strawberries, but this is a minor flaw in an otherwise perfectly run event the atmosphere of which you will never forget.