Matura - przykład rozprawki w języku angielskim

Przykładowa rozprawka po angielsku

These days young people have many more opportunities in life than the previous generations and the decision to start a family is often put off. Does it always make sense to postpone this step? Are you truly better off marrying in your 30s or later?

Statistics warn against rushing into marriage and show that early marriages are much more likely to end in divorce than those taken later in life. Maturity and experience seem essential not only for a lasting relationship but also for raising children. Another important factor is financial stability. When you start a family, you want to be sure you can support it, and there is no doubt it is easier to attain a safe position at work when you are not restricted by domestic duties.

Yet, there are concerns that people who settle down too late may have problems starting a family. Generally, the longer people are free and single, the more reluctantly they give up this independence and decide to tie the knot. Even when they do, it may be more difficult for women to become pregnant, deliver a healthy baby and later cope with both domestic and professional duties, especially that grandparents are ageing and can't serve as reliable baby-sitters.

To sum up, school-leavers nowadays are unlikely to claim that their main ambition is to get married and have children, but when they have reached the top and got tired of work, they might look with envy at those with a home and family already made.