Matura - przykład recenzji

Napisz recenzję Twojego ulubionego anglojęzycznego czasopisma. Uzasadnij swój wybór, podkreślając jego przydatność w nauce języka angielskiego.

If you have a bit of money to spare, it is worth treating yourself to a copy of the world-famous magazine - National Geographic. It is brought out every month in over 30 countries and has a circulation of around 5 million copies. Although it is available also in Polish, I would recommend the English version which can provide a really inspiring and pleasurable way of improving your English.

National Geographic is renowned for its breathtaking photography. You will probably spend hours just pouring over the colourful images, but if you start to read through the accompanying articles, you will find them equally fascinating. The articles appearing in the magazine are richly varied - ranging from wildlife and archaeology to culture and astronomy - so anyone with a natural curiosity for the world around us will find something of interest.

Reading this magazine is also an excellent way of widening your vocabulary and improving your written style. It contains journalism of the highest class by some of the best authors, so apart from presenting inviting material, it lets you discover the beauty of the language, which will inspire you to learn more. I can thoroughly recommend this magazine to all learners of English - reading is challenging but well worth the effort. Not only will you improve your language skills in this way, but you will also have something to talk about when you meet fellow-travellers on your numerous journeys.


"wildlife and archaeology to

"wildlife and archaeology to culture and astronomy..."
blad w archaeology. Powinno być archeology. literówka :)