Lesson 14 - Body Language

Learning English - Lesson Fourteen (Body Language)


pull a face - krzywić się
wave your arms - machać ramionami
stamp your foot - tupać stopą
jump up and down - skakać w górę i dół
walk away - odejść
miserable - nieszczęśliwy, żałosny
excited - podniecony
confused - zmieszany
exhausted - wykończony


Body language

is a form of non-verbal communication involving the use of stylized gestures, postures, and physiologic signs which act as cues to other people. Humans, sometimes unconsciously, send and receive non-verbal signals all the time.


Examples Of Body Language

Brisk, erect walk Confidence - pewność siebie
Standing with hands on hips Readiness - gotowość, aggression - agresja
Sitting with legs crossed, foot kicking slightly Boredom - nuda
Sitting, legs apart Open - otwarty, relaxed - zrelaksowany
Arms crossed on chest Defensiveness
Walking with hands in pockets, shoulders hunched Dejection - przygnębienie
Hand to cheek Evaluation - oszacowanie, ocena, thinking
Touching, slightly rubbing nose Rejection - odmowa, doubt - wątpliwość, lying - kłamanie
Rubbing the eye Doubt - wątpliwość, disbelief - niewiara, nieufność
Hands clasped behind back Anger, frustration, apprehension - lęk, obawa
Locked ankles Apprehension - lęk, obawa
Head resting in hand, eyes downcast Boredom - nuda
Rubbing hands Anticipation - oczekiwanie
Sitting with hands clasped behind head, legs crossed Confidence, superiority
Open palm Sincerity, openness, innocence
Pinching bridge of nose, eyes closed Negative evaluation
Tapping or drumming fingers Impatience - niecierpliwość
Steepling fingers Authoritative - autoratywny
Patting/fondling hair Lack of self-confidence; insecurity
Tilted head Interest
Stroking chin Trying to make a decision
Looking down, face turned away Disbelief
Biting nails Insecurity - niepewność, nervousness
Pulling or tugging at ear Indecision - niezdecydowanie