Smart Kid

Timmy, age 4 went to see Santa for the first time, and he asked Santa for lots of toys.

The next day, his mother and Timmy had to go out and do some more shopping. They saw Santa again and
Timmy sat on Santas lap a second time.
When Santa asked Timmy what he wanted for Christmas, he said in a
questioning voice

"But I told you what I wanted yesterday!?"

Santa quickly covered himself by quickly saying that he thought
Timmy might have thought of something else to add to his list.
When they went out again a few days later, Timmy asked his mother
if Santa was going to be there. She promptly told him he would.
Timmy thought a bit then said

"I thought of something else to add
to my list then."

"What is that?" asked Mom.

"Why an elf, of course." replied Timmy.

"An elf? Whatever do you want an elf for?" queried Mom.

"Why ask for toys when I can ask for elves," replied Timmy, "and
have them build me all the toys I'll ever need?"