Hi !

Hello ;) My name is Speedy and i have 14 years old ;]
i like : extreme sports, football, volleyball and Pc games :D
and Internet of course !
I dont like : Basketball, School xD and stupid pepole :P



because that's the way it

because that's the way it is. In Polish we say:

 Ja mam 20 lat

Ona ma 30 lat.

In English we don't use have, but be, so


I am 20 years old

She is 30 years old


When I was learning that I try to remember that we say [jestem 10 latkiem - I am 10 years old, itd, ]

Never use HAVE, HAS, HAD, always BE [is, am, are, were] 




hello.. My name is

hello.. My name is Natasha.... I'm from Poland. I'm 14 years old....

It wants to write by gadu-gady in english  :)

I like animals, volleball and spotrs.

I have school and Germany.


just to let you know, you

just to let you know, you CAN'T say i have 14 years... you have to use BE, like

I'm 24 years old

She is 13

He is 54 years old

If you want to learn English, it's good to remember that I is always a capital letter, so I like.... not i like.