Passive voice revision - ćwiczenia strona bierna

Passive voice revision.

Ex. 1. Change the sentences into passive voice.
1. I drive my car every Friday.
2. Kate is reading a book.
3. Mike saw Nick yesterday.
4. They were building the tree house all night yesterday.
5. I have lost my keys.
6. My mum will bake a cake tomorrow.
7. My father is going to fix my bike.
8. Robert always buys a newspaper in his favourite newsagent.
9. Barbara is picking up flowers.
10. A thief stole my necklace.
11. I was writing a letter when you called me.
12. The teacher has chosen 5 students.
13. My driver will pick you up.
14. All the students are going to do the homework.
15. Mike has eaten my cake.

Ex. 2.Change the questions into reported speech.
1. Do you write letters?
2. Are you riding a bike?
3. Did you call Carol last week?
4. Were you feeding the dog yesterday at 7?
5. How many articles have you written?
6. Will you visit Meg tomorrow?
7. Are you going to send this letter?
8. Does Michael drink coffee?
9. Is Agnes using the phone?
10. Who will tell her the news?

Ex. 3. Change the passive voice into active voice.
1. An umbrella is always carried by me.
2. Rachel is being promoted right now by the boss.
3. Who was the wheel invented by?
4. The dog hasn’t been walked yet by me.
5. The breakfast will be brought to you by her.
6. The elections are going to be won by her.
7. Every letter must be read and opened by me.
8. This letter hasn’t been delivered yet by them.
9. Who will she be called by?
10. It is not known who broke into their house.


Ex. 1.
1. My car is driven by me every Friday.
2. A book is being read by Kate.
3. Nick was seen by Mike yesterday.
4. The tree house was being built by them all night yesterday.
5. My keys have been lost.
6. A cake will be baked by my mum tomorrow.
7. My bike is going to be fixed by my father.
8. A newspaper is always bought by Robert in his favourite newsagent.
9. Flowers are being picked up by Barbara.
10. My necklace was stolen by a thief.
11. A letter was being written when you called me.
12. 5 students have been chosen by the teacher
13. You will be picked up by my driver.
14. The homework is going to be done by all the students.
15. My cake has been eaten by Mike.

Ex. 2.
1. Are letters written by you?
2. Is a bike being ridden by you?
3. Was Carol called by you last week?
4. Was the dog being fed by you yesterday at 7?
5. How many articles have been written by you?
6. Will Meg be visited by you tomorrow?
7. Is this letter going to be sent by you?
8. Is coffee drunk by Michael?
9. Is the phone being used by Agnes?
10. Who will she be told the news by?

Ex. 3.
1. I always carry an umbrella.
2. The boss is promoting Rachel right now.
3. Who invented the wheel?
4. I haven’t walked the dog yet.
5. She will bring you the breakfast.
6. She is going to win the elections.
7. I must read and open every letter.
8. They haven’t delivered this letter yet.
9. Who will call her?
10. They don’t know who broke into their house.