Opis obrazka - przykład 7

opis obrazka

The picture shows a building. I think it is a museum or a court. In front of this building there are many people. In my opinion they are waiting for someone, or even protesting. In the foreground there is a road and a mob as well. I can also see three policemen. They are probably maintaining order. The weather seems to be hot and sunny because people are wearing shorts and t-shirts. The picture was taken in America because we can see an American flag on the building.

1.Why all those people have come there? Why do you think so?

I think they have come there to meet a very important person. Some of them are holding pieces of paper or posters. Probably the person’s name is written on it.

2.Why do people want to meet celebrities?

In my opinion we want to meet celebrities to check how they look like in real. People presented in newspapers, in the pictures can be changed by some computer programs. When we see them on the street they look so real. Teenagers can wait hours to meet a star and take an autograph or a picture.