Opis obrazka - przykład 6

opis obrazka

The picture shows a peacock in the garden. The animal is very colorful with a long green tail. It is walking on the grass. In the foreground I see some yellow and violet flowers. It could be also a park.

1.Who, in your opinion, took that picture?

I think it was a person who likes animals and plants very much. He is a very good photographer as well.

2. Which do you prefer, spending time outside or in front of TV?

I prefer spending time outside. I love riding a bike, walking and even sometimes working in the garden. I can relax and breath fresh air. Sometimes when the weather is bad I watch TV. I am bored with all those programs and shows.


Yeah, yeah, I know, it should

Yeah, yeah, I know, it should be "A verb". I'm not 2 good at typing. My fingers keep pressing the wrong keys, he he!

"Breath" is a noun and means

"Breath" is a noun and means "oddech". "Breathe" is an verb" and means "oddychać, wdychać"

U cannot say "I can relax and

U cannot say "I can relax and BREATH fresh air". U have 2 say "I can relax and BREATHE fresh air. The pronunciation of both those words is quite different.