Opis obrazka - przykład 15

opis obrazka do matury

In the picture I can see a girl in her early twenties. She has got long brown hair, hazel eyes and a beautiful smile. She is very pretty. She is wearing casual clothes. She has a tennis rocket in her right hand and a tennis ball in her left hand. I think she loves playing tennis and she is excellent at it.

1) Have you ever played tennis?

No, I haven’t played tennis. In my opinion it’s very boring and tiring. However, I do watch tennis on television. I think it’s great fun to watch it.

2) Do you consider playing chess as a sport?

I don’t consider playing chess as a sport because it tests your mental abilities not your stamina or endurance. It my opinion it’s just a kind of a board game.


Odpowiedzi na pytania nie są

Odpowiedzi na pytania nie są według mnie dobre, ja uwielbiam szachy oraz tenisa i ziemnego, i stołowego.

slowo klucz - In my

slowo klucz - In my opinion

czyli w opinii autora.

twoja moze byc zupelnie inna

dlatego na testach (i w zyciu) trzeba myslec a nie kopiowac.