Opis obrazka - przykład 14

opis obrazka

The picture shows a car with a caravan. In the background I can see a forest. In the foreground there is a table with two benches. They are standing an a grass. Maybe this is a park or a car park somewhere on a motorway in the mountains. The car as well as the caravan is very big, I think they are Americans.

1.Why are they having this caravan?

They are having this caravan because they are going on holiday. They like moving from place to place and that is why they decided to travel this way.

2.Do you like package holiday?

Justify your answer. I don’t like package holidays. When I go alone or with my friends we can visit many places, move form one place to another. We can travel as long as we want to. We take a brake when we are tired and eat when we are hungry.