Matura - wydarzenie muzyczne

Opisz wydarzenie muzyczne, które zapamiętałeś/aś ze względu na dobre przygotowanie oraz szczególną atmosferę.

I will never forget Metallica’s concert that took place two years ago in Chorzów. Concerts by metal bands are usually associated with aggression, violence, alcohol and drugs. Most people think it is very dangerous to participate in such events in the crowd of several thousand people. This is sometimes true indeed but this one was completely different.

The very first thing I was positively surprised about was the atmosphere inside the stadium. There were plenty of people wearing all sorts of Metalica’s T-shirts but there was no sign of aggression anywhere. Being there you could feel that it is almost like a huge family joined together for a common purpose. Even during the performance when the band was playing some of their ballads, all the fans were standing there in front of the stage embracing each other.

This experience was something I will never forget. Another aspect of the concert that certainly deserves to be praised was the security. There were plenty of exits around the stadium and hundreds of security officers ensuring there were no problems during then event. Despite the crowd of 50 thousand Metallica’s fans, I felt safe.

The performance itself was fantastic. The stage was enormous and really impressive. The crowd sung or actually shouted all the songs together with James Hetfield. During the more energetic songs, there were special effects on the stage like huge fireworks and sound effects. All this created an unforgettable atmosphere.