Matura - rozprawka - zakładanie rodziny w późnym wieku

Coraz mniej młodych ludzi decyduje się na zawarcie małżeństwa przed trzydziestym rokiem życia. Napisz rozprawkę przedstawiającą wady i zalety zakładania rodziny w późniejszym wieku.

In the past people used to marry at a very young age. Nowadays this is something unthinkable and young people postpone the decision to tie the knot until much later. There are numerous reasons for this.

First of all, teenagers and young adults know that marriage and having children would spell the end of their professional career. There are really few parents who are able to successfully combine work with family life and there are very few understanding employers. Nowadays, we all have to choose between family or career and the majority of us chooses the latter. Also, young people first want to make some money and ensure in future they will be financially independent and able to support their family and children, not having to constantly borrow money form relatives.

Besides, the older the people are, the more emotionally mature and responsible they are and these are all qualities indispensable when having a family.

On the other hand, when someone decides to marry in their 30s and then have children, they may encounter some fertility-related problems. This especially concerns women who often find it difficult to get pregnant. Their biological clock is at its best when they are in their 20s and the older they are, the greater the risk of miscarriage or birth defects.

Moreover, postponing the decision about marriage may mean that we are afraid of taking responsibility and we might got used to being a single so much that we will not be able to form a satisfying relationship with our partner.