Matura pisemna - oficjalny list

Imagine you have read an article about music piracy. Write a letter to a music magazine (150-200 words). In your letter, strongly condemn free downloading of music from the Internet referring to one point from the article and the following aspects:

  • legal
  • economic
  • ethical.

Please note: if you use more than 240 words you will get 0 points for the structure of your text.

Dear Sir/Madam

I have recently read an article in your magazine that was published in December. The article concerned music piracy and its author expressed a strong criticism towards this practice. I have to say I totally agree with him because, as he noticed, free downloading of music from the Internet is a crime. It is a form of stealing so the person who downloads music breaks the law and has to take into consideration certain legal consequences which vary depending on the country. It may be a fine or even a prison sentence.

Because of illegal copying of the copyrighted material, the singers and musicians lose a lot of money as their royalties have not been paid. They had been working hard to produce a song or piece of music and they are not even paid for that which must be very demotivating. Therefore, if we want to enjoy their music, we all should buy the original CDs instead of stealing them. Unauthorized downloading also deprives the state government of income from sales.

Finally, it is an undeniable fact that music piracy is highly unethical. It is a deliberate infringement of copyright for commercial gain. It we do not feel like paying for the original records then we are not thinking ethically but greedily.

Therefore, we should all join our efforts to make the society realize what dangerous procedure music piracy is.

Yours faithfully,