Dzisiejszy artykuł poświęcony jest gepardom, czyli jednym z najładniejszych kotowatych. Artykuł w języku angielskim z wytłumaczonymi słówkami. By zobaczyć znaczenie słowa wystarczy najechać myszką na podkreślone słowo.

Cheetahs are the fastest runners, the fastest land animals. They can run up to 120 km/h. It takes them five seconds to accelerate from 0 km/h to over 100 km/h. It’s one of four cats’ species, which has their paws modified. Cheetahs stand out for their semi-retractable claws, which means that their claws are always visible. The cheetah’s body is muscular and gracile, characterised by a deep chest and a significantly narrow waist.

Cheetahs’ fur is the most distinguishing feature because it’s covered with round black spots as a form of disguise, helpful when hunting. Then our attention should be drawn to, so-called, ‘tear marks’, which are also black. They are formed from eyes’ corners to mouth and play a prominent role in hunting – when the sun is shining, those ‘tear marks’ keep its light out of cheetah’s eyesight. When hunting, having started their race cheetahs accomplish it within one minute – they are that fast. Surprisingly, cheetahs can’t hunt for an animal that doesn’t flee from them, it simply doesn’t turn their hunter sense on. Comparing cheetahs to lions, there are some differences in vocalizations. At first, cheetahs can’t roar like lions do.

Cheetahs can chirp – it’s similar to barking yet distinguished by a pitch of voice, which is considerably high. Our gracile runners chirp when they socialize or try to locate one another, for example when cubs are anxiously looking for their mother. Having encountered a dangerous situation, they growl. That particular vocalization can be emitted either as a result of annoyance or anger. When growling, they tend to hiss and spit in order to enhance seriousness of circumstances they are in. In this case they can also yowl, when the situation is getting even worse and cheetahs feel intimidated. Other kind of cheetahs’ vocalization is purring – the most common sound that remind us of our house pets – ordinary cats.


Zapamiętaj nowe angielskie słówka

Lista najtrudniejszych słówek wraz z tłumaczeniem i wymową:

To accelerate - rozpędzić się
Paws - łapy
Semi-retractable claws - nieruchome pazury
Gracile - smukłe, pełne wdzięku
Disguise - kamuflaż
To flee from - uciekać przed
To roar - ryczeć
To chirp - ćwierkać
Cubs - młode zwierzę ( w zdrobnieniu, np. lwiątko)
To growl - warczeć
To hiss - syczeć
To spit - pluć
To yowl - jęczeć
Intimidated - zastraszony
Purring - mruczenie

Author: Katarzyna Konar

Zwięrzęta cheetah po polsku - słownictwo informatyczne