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Hi :)

I'm new person on this blog. I want say "hello" for all. My
english is not good :( and I hope so, meybe you help to me. I need your

A few words about me:

I can not wait :[

I want to be at home I miss for my fimily and my room for my friends :( but here is cool so I have a little time on longing. When I will arrive at home I eat my mum's  dinner:* and I talk and talk with my dad :) and... We all togethr go to big shopping... till I dream:) so just  days only.



Rozpoczęłam nowy okres w życiu...

Porwałam się na cos co teraz zdaje mi się całkowicie niemożliwe - ale brnę dalej...

It is going better:P:P

Do not approach to me!

I have a bad day... I have terrible dream and awful brakfast. When I went out to school I dirty my new white trousers and I must change into another clothes. After I got 4+ for english I am very angry because I want got five:/ I am so malicious so please do not approach to me!!

I start overcome =]

My day beautiful day:PP

I learn learn and learn so I will to the liblary today morning. My maths is better I solve exsample whose teather tell to do. I think that it is not so difficult it look. I must learn systemcicly and I finsh this study. I must go so bye bye

I want very much :))

People say that If you want to something very much your dream will come true. That is maybe true but I thing that dream not be enough you must do something to your dream come true. I have many work today I must learn maths and somethig else but I promise that I do every thing. I miss for my exboyfriend...

It is too difficult:(

Hello everybody :P I wish I spoke fluently English but I can't I really try but I can not. Yesterday I find podcasy this is very helpful but I do not understend too. Peolpe say that I must learn English very systematically so I learn everyday. I write this blog I hear free english lessons and read storys but I feel that my language is not good.

Should I or Shouldn't I....

Start keeping an internet diary.... I dont know, I will give it a go, will see if I am able to do anything for longer than once. First of all, a few things about a website. I do like it, it helps a lot, especially listenings. I do appriciate what you guys do. The only one thing is, there could be more exercices, but I can see you add something from time to time, so it's good.

I can not learn English :P

Hello everyone!!! =]

hi ;))

Hi i`m betty and i`m 17. I`ve learned English many years but i`m not good in it. I decided to write here, beacause i`d like to improve in english. Wel, I`ll try ;) Now a little about me...some people say that I`m crazy ;D but it doesn`t mean that I overdo and I`ve  fools ideas ;pp I like talking with people ;) well, see you