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    I'm new here, so please be patient.
I hope I'll learn quickly how to do everything on this page and what is more, learn english.

Słownik tematyczny - dodawanie własnych zestawów

slownik tematyczny

Zapraszam do dodawania własnych zestawów słówek do naszego słownika tematycznego. Aby tego dokonać, należy się zarejestrować, kliknąć w menu "Dodaj zawartość", wybrać Words Set i dodać słówka. Proszę pamiętać o wybraniu odpowiedniej kategorii! Dzięki temu utrzymamy porządek w słowniku. Na dole strony jest przycisk dodaj, którym potwierdzamy dodanie zestawu. Od tego momentu pojawi się on w dziale nauka słówek, gdzie można uczyć się słownictwa poprzez quizy, fiszki lub po prostu przeglądając listę. Miłej nauki i przyjemnego dodawania własnych zestawów!

Story about a little girl *3*

Kate was very intelligent and if something interested her she was good at something. Kate went to school and learned English in there. The teacher came to her home but Kate did not any homework. When the girl became a  woman she understood that She needed English.

Story about little girl *2*

Story about a little girl:) *1*

single?? I do not know

I am single I do not have a boyfriend but I am not very sad.. I think that it is a good idea because if you had someone you should be with him together and it take a lot of time. ..

Just a normal day :)

I arrived, my way was long and  trying but  I am :)  Today  it is a  normal  day . If  I  did not  go home I would  not  miss  so much .  Perhaps  I was  in hause  short time it was great  and  I  can go nine hour.

I am come back :**

I was in home and was great I ate and ate some tasty dishies.  I met with my friends and I must go :(( Four days it is short time so I am very sad that I should go :( but... two side of coin I am happy that I come back to Sopot . I will write tomorow from here bye bye

All Saints

All Hallows, Hallowmas ("hallows" meaning "saints," and "mas" meaning "Mass"), is a feast celebrated on November 1, or on the first Sunday after Pentecost in honour of all the saints, known and unknown.

I am new here!!

Ehh my english isnt perfect but I will try improve it , since I am eatling grammar and letters hehe. Well will see hope this page will help me with it /cheer

Home, sweet home :) :* => I will arrive :]

I waited and waited and it is today:)  I am  arriving to home. Tickets were bought  on Thursday :) I must go for over eight hours but I am going in night so  probably I will sleep. I hurt for everbody and everythink:( and I am very happy that I am arriving to my pretty house:) I hope that will be entertaining and nice.

The First

ok, so I started to learn English...I'm wondering how long will I  do it : P I often begin new hobby and few days later I realize that I'm too lazy 
to continue:/ all me :D

buu, I've forget very much... :/

In my opinion :)) => discussion :]

I think that everone should say what he want so I say what I think about married  young man with older women. Everyday I learn English and two day ago in lesson say about it. So I brake down with you my opinion. Nowaday history who come down are incredible so I think it is a normal.


I thought english is difficult, but now I'm learning french too and ist's much harder to learn, but I have fun =] It's difficult but nice =] I have really good teacher. Kiss =*