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This webblog is to make you practise your English. That is why you are advised to write everything in English. And of course as often as possible.

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If, you turn, the maschine on...

My reason for wraiting

Try to imagine, that you meet person, who looks intelligent. Now you start talking to you about books which you like and authors which he prefer. Suddenly surprised you unexpected answer;

Why blog?

I'v been said ever; blog - no way, cos I'm not use to follow for popular, withaut any reason. I'm just about to change my decision, cos I have very good reason now - improve my english. It,s very important for me to pursue competent in english. Why, I gonna describe later.

OK! So let's start writing sth!;D

eehh. I'm quite new here, so I don't even know anything about this site, but if people create their own blogs I decided to do what they do;]

So maybe sth about my New Year's Eve and New Year.

a kto wie ....

I so very happy becouse is my first note<jupi>

Hello ! :D

 Jestem tu nowa i mam nadzieje, że ten portal będzie dla mnie " drugim domem" oraz przede wszystkim przydatnym portalem.


hey, people!



So, let's start learning english...

I did not write a long time...

I'm new here:)

Hello everyone who reads this text:] As I wrote above, I'm writing here
for the first time. Actually it's a little bit late now, so I'm not going to
write much today. Maybe in a few days I'll drop a line about myself (or 
rather something more interesting like Irish dance or climbing mountains which

About my day

Every hrusday I have break from college. And I slept until 10
o'clock in the morninb. After I made cookies. Cookies are yummy and

I'm resting today and I don't intend to go out today.

Great party:* but I should learn:(

Yesterday I was on a party in club. There was a lot of people but it did not disturb me. Iwas dancing and talking with people I like this party. But then I must learn because in 23 november I have a big test .  Maths is not difficult for me but I should undresteand this.

I lost control:((