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This webblog is to make you practise your English. That is why you are advised to write everything in English. And of course as often as possible.

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I am

I am very much busy and hungry

  I Heute  aller learn english


after Easter

Jesus rose from the dead on the third day after his crucifixion..., and me? I am with new hope that everything could happen if we believe 


greetings for all who is studying English-I had today a fantastic time,but I don't know what does future hold.




yesterday I read something about heroes. He must do something beyond the normal range of achievement and experience..., not leader, but hero, like the mother, like the child who begin new life without the mother's womb.. It was the interwiev with J. Campbell. I started wondering if we could be heroes in our ordinary day ...

the beginning of ... something, I guess

I am aware that success is more than a good idea. It is timing too. - said Anita Roddick. Well, I hope it was good time, I read this quote..


Witam wszystkich!Mam na imie Justyna.Za dwa miesiace mam mature z j.angielskiego a pozatym jestem wlasnie w Anglii od szesciu miesiecy.Wydaje mi sie ze cos tam potrafie komunikuje sie z ludzmi ale chcialabym sie sprawdzic jeszcze w taki sposob.No zobaczymy trzymajcie za mnie kciukiiiiii.Paaaaaa!!!

The beginning

I'm here and I'm writing this because I want to improve my english. I decided to write something in this language, because I think, that's the best way to learn. I will write here from time to time and I hope, I won't forget about this ;)
What now? Maybe I will say something about me.


No więc dziś zaczynam mą naukę angielskiego...

Wiek: 14 Poziom: początkujący.

Przerażające, nie? 


Cześc mam na imię basia i jak wiele osób chcialabym dobrze mowic po angielsku. I wlaśnie dlatego też postanowilam zalogowac sie do wirtualnej szkoły angielskiego.

-A High School Year in the USA-???

Heyaaah all:) whats up?

MUSIC, my obsession;D

OK. i've got some time now, so I decided to write sth, improving English blah blah blah...

Music is important part of my life so it is impossible for me not to write sth about that.

My second note <wow>

Hey everybody :) Since I have a computers I never think about I will have a blog .! When I started there I was very nice suprised (is it well grammar ?I don`t know :p). Hmm ... I like very much this website but I don`t orientation(?) there :(:( . I`m there because I think maybe I meet someone interesting and cool ;P xD. Maybe I think wrong ... ?!

Hello ^^

Hi I`m new there ... My name is Anita . I `m sixteen.  I don`t speak (and write) english very well :(    hmm... what else ... I have sister and brother. I have rabbit too. I love hip hop ,rap, R`n`B . I love dance and volleyball !! <33 Ok it`s over in this moment (?) . Bye :*

First time always hurts

so it happened. I decide to write sth in english. i admit, i like the language, but learning words, reading about grammar rules is nothing i want to do. there are a few things on this website that are helpful like jokes or lessons in mp3 so hope my english will improve.