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A weblog is a journal that is frequently updated and intended for general public consumption.

This webblog is to make you practise your English. That is why you are advised to write everything in English. And of course as often as possible.

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Promise :)

From this day I promised myself I will be learning english intensive and I am going to keep this promise.
(I hope I dont't do many errors :-))


nauka języka jest żmudna i długa ale to nie oznacza że jest nieciekawa i nudna znając obcy język jesteśmy wartościowymi ludzmi



Welcome in my page!


I've discovered in multimedia player Banshee new possibility(noun from possible) which let me logging in my account in last.fm and listening track from last.fm with functions e.g. my favourites tracks, artists, recommendated tracks etc. Today I'm having little learning, therefore I decided that I will writing post today.

Welcome Word

Hey. everyone. Today I'm starting learning english. I'm going to junior high(school for teenager from 13 old to 16 old), but english teacher doesn't know like teaching. So I've decided that I must learning English on the internet.

Hi Everyone!

I'm Martyna and i go to 2a High School. I would pass 'secondary school certificate'.. but which subcject? Maybe biology and chemistry but I am not sure. We will behold. And ofcourse expanded english. Will I do it? Oh.

I can readily conwerse with someone.

step by step...

let's rock this year:D

Very optimistic title but in fact i can't rock anything at any time...but everyone has dreams:D I'm in the least class in high school and i must pass matura exam . O my god it's closer than i thought..so maybe it will be good idea if i write sometimes something on this website.

a w i n d o w p a n e

No one is perfect... that's why pencils have erasers.

~ Unknown quotes

Is having a car only a pleasure?

The answer is very easy. NO NO NO. Especially when there is wet inside and you have completely no idea why, and no men in your family have time to solve the problem. The reasonable thing to do is to read some forums on the Internet and fix it by myself. Oh gosh! I'm student, teacher, cook, cleaning lady and hairdresser. Do I really have to be a mechanic too?????? :(

I love holidays:)


If someone  know English very well, Please write to me!!! You can write comments!!

Something about me!!


My name is Camilla. I love English!! It's my life!! I learn English everyday!! I read English: books, newpapers and poems!! I won many English contests!!

I sing English songs!!!

Hello everyone!

Wazzup homies? :P I'm starting write this blog now and I hope you will like me :]