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Hi Everyone!

How are you?
It's my first blog writing in English ;) I suppose that not everybody read these "diaries", but it will be great way to practise my writing skills.


Hello , my name is Gabriela , I live in London ,i have 32,Im merrid.

English News - Woman Saves Husband From Shark

A man attacked by a 7-foot shark


This is my first blog in English. I'm sure that I will not write long. Why ? Because I can't write something long.

Lesson 8: Smoking Ban In France - advanced

Smoking Ban In France - lekcja języka angielskiego


Whatever you say, I'm better than you anyway !

Some people say, that I need help,
Some people can Fuck and go to hell !

learning all the time?----. not for me:)

so, how I wrote,
I don't want ;/ everything is boring... and I'm really sad and upset...
what will be if I don't pass the matura so good for entry ?


the day before...

Hmm... nothing intereting....
Matura exams in May.
I hope I'll pass it:)
today? hmm let me see...
oh yes.. learning for tomorrow history exam... boring.... nothing interesting...

Hey hi hello :P

so... I'm here since yesterday and what's now?
I'm here beacuse this siede is great and I think it will help me with learning..
I hope so:P
so... See yaa later:*


I am drinking tea and I am listening French songs. With my mum we went to Nowy Sącz on the shop.I learn, because I have lots of test.


I'm Anna and I'm 17 years old. I live in the country. I admire beatiful mountain and clear air. I decided that, I write blog in free time. I'm very tired, because I have to get up 5 a.m. I went to hospital. With my friends we take part in "Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy." I like help people, because I think that I do something good for somebody.

It's been a year...

Hiya. It's quite difficult to belive, but it's been a year since I last wrote anything here. I know I am bad bad person, especially that I had promised I would keep the diary to make sure my Emglish is actually improving.

Begin ;)

Znowu nauka.
Zobaczymy z jakim skutkiem.
Do dzieła :)

hi,everyone :)

I'm a new student here and I'd like to get to know another students who think that learning English is very easy,funny and most of all very useful in today's world.