Religion in the USA

About 41 percent of the Americans feel that religion is very important in life. Nowadays, religion in America is built on the structure of Cathoilicism, Judaism, Protestancism. The largest group of denomination is in Canada, which comprises the Roman Catholic Church, the Anglican Church, the United Church of Canada There were many imigrants who came to America from different countries. The first settlers were the Puritans. They thought that they were chosen by God. They deeply believed that God chooses certain people. The Puritans and other groups constitued mainly Protestantism. A lot of Catholicas came to America from Ireland =, Germany and France. Jews constitute two percent of population. A lot of Jews came from the 19th century They wanted to escape persecution. Today in America apart from many churches and denominations, there is an increasing number of sects and cults. There has been another recent development of the Evangelican Movement associated with the Electronic Church, which converts people into its way of believeing.


- denomination- wyznanie

- settlers- osadnicy

- persecution- prześladowanie

- development- rozwój

author Adam Cendrowski