The British political system

Artykuł opisujący pokrótce brytyjski system polityczny. Podstawowe wiadomości - kilka najtrudniejszych słów wyjaśnione na końcu. Tekst na poziomie B2.

The British parliament is a becameral parliament, which means that it consists of the House of Lords and the House of Commons. The House of Lords is bigger than the House of Commons. The leader of the House of Lords sits on the cuhion " woolsack" Cross benchers. The leader has a powerful position, decides who is to speak next, who must stay neutral and his words must be obeyed .The House of Lords are not elected, it is their hereditary to sit there. This chamber does not have a fixed number of members. The House of Lords divides into four simple groups.

  • hereditary peers- the largest group of peers, they have been holding their titles for years
  • life peers- they obtained titles from the Queen, they hold them as long as they live
  • lord spirituals- 26 Bishops and Archbishops of the Church of England
  • law lords- the highest judges in the country

The House of Lords is limited in power. It performs two basic functions

  1. Discussing legislation- what improvements should be introduced. A bill which is about to become law must stay in the House of Lords for six months
  2. The Highest Court Function- you can appeal to the House of Lords

Legislation process

  1. Introduction- the bill is introduced in the House of Commons or the House of Lords
  2. The first reading- reading the in parliament. The bill is discussed
  3. The second reading in the parliament
  4. Report stage
  5. Voting
  6. Discussing in the House of Lords
  7. Royal assent

The House of Commons are called Commoners. They are elected every five years. The throne is occuped by the Queen in October, while she is giving her opening speech. Until 1996, underneath the throne, there was a stone called " stone of Scone. The name is derived from the old Scottish capital. Edward I stole the stone which was kept in Scotland. The stone was used as a coronation stone. In 1996, after the agreement was reached, the stone was brought back to Scotland.

Functions of the parliament

  • legislation
  • taxation
  • administration
  • debate
  • ratification

The method of speaking in the parliament

  • When you want to speak in the parliament, you just simple have to stand up and speak from the place where you sit, speeches have to short and shar to the point. You cannot swear and say "you"


Zapamiętaj nowe angielskie słówka

Lista najtrudniejszych słówek wraz z tłumaczeniem i wymową:

  • to vote - głosować
  • House of Lords- izba wyższa
  • House of Commons- izba niższa
  • becameral- dwuizbowy
  • peers- parowie


author Adam Cendrowski

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